2014 Liquidweb windows hosting review

2014 Liquidweb windows hosting review

Liquid Web is actually a web hosting company which provides its services to website and blog owners my making their products accessible on the internet. Its headquarters are located in Lansing, MI in USA. They provide a broad range of hosting services to their potential clients in the form of VPS and smart servers. They basically provide shared hosting facility along with other broad types of hosting privileges to the users. This hosting service came into existence in the year 1997 and its key founder is known as Matthew Hill. The most noted aspect in relation to the Liquid Web hosting service is that it has received back to back INC 5000 rapidly growing company award in the time period that ranges from2007 to 2012.  It will not be wrong to mention that in the world of web hosting Liquid Web has attained for itself a reputed as well as respected position. In this section we will have a look at some of the prominent futures which this hosting service offers to its valued customers.

It is best to start with the customer services. Most of the people while making selection of a web hosting service tend to neglect the qualities of customer services provided by their selected host. Well this is not an approach which should be appreciated because customer services form an important part of the relation that is going to last between you and your host. No matter how great your web hosting service is there are chances that issues can arise any time and for dealing with them it is important that the customer support center of your hosting company is capable of dealing with the pressure. In terms of customer services Liquid Web provides quality support and features to their clients. They show constant involvement to make sure that their customers are enjoying quality facilities.

Support is present 24/7 and is of high quality. There are solutions present to deal with all kinds of issues no matter they are related with Linux and Windows Operating system. There are efficient tools and systems that ensure smooth operation of servers. These tools make sure that if any kind of issues arise then they can be handled effectively and immediately. One of such monitoring tools is “Protective Sonar” it is all dedicated to make sure that server is operating without any problem.

It allots Single Processor multi core servers’ and users are provided with the option of making selection between 2-6 core servers and the speed can go to 3.20 Giga hertz. Random Access Memory options are also numerous and effective. The plans that are being offered by Liquid Web are good enough to accommodate small as well as large scale businesses. Coming to rates and prices of its packages then it is worth mentioning that in comparison to other hosting services the shared hosting services of Liquid Web are a bit expensive. This is a down fall because most of the small scale business owners who have to manage things in a tight budget and limited resources can’t afford it. The percentage of uptime is satisfactory and special consideration has been given to the fact that minimal issues related with downtime should arise. Also speed is very good and uploading facilities are also satisfactory.

Another great facility provided by this hosting service is the capacity to select the data center this is something that is mostly normally kept for costly hosting plans. It provides users with the capacity of controlling pace of your website you can select the areas which are more close to your customer base. In addition there are many extra quality features like firewalls, load balancer etc. in short Liquid Web is equipped with all the features that you require from your web hosting service.

In conclusion you can say that this web hosting service has got a lot to offer to its clients, but the issues with it is the high price this can become a problem for many.