2014 bluehost(justhost,hostmonster) vs ipage

2014 bluehost(justhost,hostmonster) vs ipage

BlueHost was founded in the year 1996 is one of the most popular webhosting services of the present day. It is actually a Linux-based hosting service. While iPage was founded in the year 1995 it is also a reputed web hosting company that is serving people for more than 18 year. In this section we will have a comparison of both of these web hosting services.

Customer`s choice

Let’s start by comparing the reputation that is enjoyed by BlueHost and iPage. To be honest BlueHost really wins the race here as it clearly is more popular. Among web hosting communities BlueHost is considered as a very prestigious web hosting service. BlueHost has been declared as the best hosting service for WordPress sites by WordPress.org also Drupal.org has awarded Bluehost the title of best hosting service in relation to the hosting of Drupal sites. If you have a look at the reviews obtained by BlueHost then almost 99 % users have given positive reviews at the BestHostingSearch.com. All this clearly shows then BlueHost has won the hearts of users in comparison to iPage.



Both BlueHost and iPage provide unlimited hosting packages to their clients, but it is the cutting edge technology that gives former an upper hand. Especially for the developers BlueHost is a better choice because it contains many attractive features. The iPage is basically formulated for those who aim to start private websites. In comparison BlueHost is a complete webhosting service that comes with well equipped features and characteristics. It is suggested that if you are searching a hosting service for customized sites then keep in mind that iPage is not a good option here.



Customer services provided by both of these hosting services cover a broad spectrum. BlueHost and iPage come with money back guarantee and provide 24 hours technical support facilities to their valued customers. You can get in touch with them via live chats, emails, telephone and tickets. However in comparison BlueHost is quicker in responding to the calls of customers because of the holding time that is less 30 seconds. Coming to the technical support provided by both of these companies then it is worth mentioning that the technical aid provided by BlueHost is more comprehensive and spot on. The iPage concentrates more upon the site builder software support.



It is a clear finding that sites that use iPage web hosting service don’t perform well in comparison to Bluehost. Especially the websites that are based upon WordPress and Drupal don’t show compatibility with iPage. The sites that are hosted by BlueHost show more efficiency and speed. Either it is the generation of WebPages or rendering of WebPages the hosting services provided by BlueHost excel in all regards.  Per page loading time for a site based upon WordPress is 0.68 seconds for BlueHost and for iPage is 2.6 seconds.



It is very important that the hosting service which you select for your website should be reasonably affordable with expenses and benefits that show compatibility with your demands. Keep in mind that your preference should not be to go with a service that is cheap, but you should look for a web hosting service that can provide quality support and features to your website at affordable rates. If you consider the cost and rates then clearly iPage is cheaper there rates are low and affordable and not to forget that they give handsome discounts as well. Comparatively BlueHost is a bit expensive, but then the fact is that it provides better services so it’s worth spending money upon.



From the above mentioned comparison it is evident that when features, offerings and characteristics of both iPage and BlueHost are considered the clearly BlueHost excels in every department. It is worth mentioning that iPage is cheaper and comes with many money saving options, but if you are looking for quality performance and support for your website then it is best to go with BlueHost as it has a lot to offer.