2014 bluehost(justhost,hostmonster) vs hostgator

2014 bluehost(justhost,hostmonster) vs hostgator

Finding a proper and a compatible hosting company is one of the most difficult steps for individuals who aim to launch their own website either for commercial or other usage. Presently there are many organizations that can be found who are offering web hosting facilities. But the fact of the matter is that not every hosting company is capable of providing you quality results and for this reason it is suggested that you should always make this decision after paying all the due consideration to the matter. The best option is to go with a hosting company that enjoys a good reputation and provides full scope facilities.

In the web hosting world two companies named as Bluehost and Hostgator enjoy a very respected and reputed status. These two services are known for providing high quality facilities to their clients and are equipped with all the modern tools and features. Frankly speaking there is a tough competition that is going between these two best web hosting services. To decide which one is better it is best to have a comparison of the facilities provided by these two services. This will help you in deciding that which hosting company is best for you and it will save you from a lot of problems.

 Justhost is exactly the same company with Bluehost(for shared hosting department) but offer a more affordable price.

User interface

Let’s start by comparing the user interface that is provided by both companies. Each of these organizations provides control panel related access options when it comes to task hosting and other similar aspects  there are very few dissimilarities. When you talk about Hostgator then its drawback here is that it`s associated user interface is complex which makes placing and arranging of items in control panel difficult especially for users which don’t have sufficient technical knowledge. But Bluehost is free of all such complexities and its provided user interface is simple and easy to operate. Another associated benefit is that installing of applications is very easy and convenient for Bluehost users. Beginners will love this for sure.


In this aspect when Bluehost is discussed then the worth mentioning point is that it provides only one service plan and the best part is that one plan covers all the required aspects. There is no confusion and quality support provided in good numbers. This applies to all no matter it is bandwidth or email accounts.  On the other hand Hostgator provides three plans which are as follow

  1. Hatchling
  2. Baby
  3. Business

Each of these is capable of supplying different facilities to the users. But this is confusing and most of the users don’t show satisfaction with this distribution of plans.


Now this is the most important factor which decides the period during which your site will be available for other internet users. No matter how good and beautiful your web design is or what kind of services you are providing. If your website is down then nothing matters. When uptime of Bluehost and Hostgator is compared then it is very hard to find any kind of difference. Both have a good record in this regard and posses uptime of 99%. None of these two organizations have faced severe down time related issues.   So here we have a draw as both are equal.


Now this is the most interesting and important comparison. Every website owner wants to find a good hosting company that can provide his website with all the required facilities at decent prices. Especially newcomers are more concerned about saving money than anything else. Blue host has $3.95/Mo for three years with unlimited domains, GB space and email accounts. While Hostgator has $3.96/Mo for three years with a single domain and unlimited GB space and email accounts. Apparently the prices look similar, but Hostgator provides support for one domain this is an indication that for carrying out the hosting of more than one site you will need to pay huge amounts.  Here again Bluehost emerges as a more suitable option.


From the above discussion it is clear that Bluehost is a better choice. Justhost and bluehost are sister companies, but they are cheap to meet new customers. Use  Justhost to save more money and enjoy exact the same services.