Bluehost vs Justhost vs Hostgator Vs Godaddy vs Hostmonster 2014-Make the Right Decision

Even though the experience site owners may conclude the fact that all the services and offers available on various companies are more or less same and you can buy any one of them. But the fact is completely wrong. None of the service is equal and as a professional you ought to differentiate between them to get the best hosting services for your site and blog page.

Some of the things that make the difference in 2014 web hosting:

  • Price.

When you are talking about any service the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is to make the most out of money you pay. Companies like Bluehost provide you an account with unlimited space, email space and unlimited traffic at only $3.95 per month. On the other hand companies like GoDaddy offers you an account with only 10GB space, 100 email space and unlimited traffic at price of $4.99 per month which is costlier than the previous offer. If you want to look for cheaper service you can go for justhost, which shares the hosting service department with Bluehost but is cheaper comparatively. Now who would like to pay higher amount of money for smaller space?

  • Reputation.

Reputation is another factor that installs trust in the user to get an account with the company. Bluehost, Hostgator and hostmonster enjoy are very respectable position in the web hosting market. Each of them has been in the business for over a decade and have witnessed the rise of web hosting. While you are choosing a brand like WordPress for your blogging and the company directs you to get an account with Bluehost, which it majorly does you will be willing to create an account straight away. Due to the long tenure of the companies, they have gathered sets of loyalist which again helps in there promotion and active service demand.

  • Features.

Even if you need the simplest of softwares to be running on the server and which is even a primitive version, still it is recommended to check out the list of the softwares running on the server from the service provider. Today in 2014 most of the companies provide the likes of PHP 5.3 and newer version, secure shell, MySQL database and other application at the basic level itself. Other features include the email space, database and data storage space, though most of the companies provide unlimited space today. Uptime is promised at 99.9% by most companies. It is better to go through testimonials and users statements available on various forums to know more on the about the features and how close they are to the features talked about by the companies.

  • Support system.

The bluehost is a very popular and efficient company in the respect of hosting but many users are turned down by the fact that it has poor support system. The best support system currently is provided by the Hostgator. 24/7 support system is a very important necessity considering the fact that you may need to when you experience or expect even the smallest of glitch in the system.

It is pretty easy to conclude that it is a Bluehost win, but companies like Hostgator are not too far behind. Considering the best company is close but choosing the top class web hosting service provider is easy and necessity.