2014 Bluehost vs. Hostgator Vs. InMotion Vs. WebHostingHub VS. Arvixe-Get The best WordPress hosting service

There are lot of hosting sites to choose from for web hosting. But when you choose to host WordPress productions, the list of hosting sites can be shortened and choosing between the various sites becomes a lot easier. Here are details of top WordPress hosting services and why they are at the top.

Top hosting brands for WordPress

WordPress hosting is a bit unique compared to the other webhosting functions owing to its different set of softwares and setup. Some of the major hosting brands of the 2014 that make it to the top WordPress hosting company list include the likes of Bluehost, Hostgator, InMotion, WebHostingHub and Arvixe to name the most efficient and popular WordPress hosting service providers.

Popular features present in a hosting service

Different companies provide different facilities and features and customer support which basically helps us to distinguish between two hosting companies. Some of the features that you can use as a medium to categorise among hosting companies are:

  • PHP is one of the main requirements of today’s web hosting. You should keep a look out for the version of PHP available. Above 5.2 version is good but today’s development craves for the more advance 5.3 version. Sufficient memory should be made available for PHP data. Anything above 64MB is good enough memory storage.
  • Apache mod_rewrite is a useful component. It helps you establish permanent links.
  • Going for cheap monthly plans provided by small companies, is not sensible as most of the good companies provide plans with longer duration but a lower rate than you expect.
  • Security is another major criteria to have a look at. The hosting networks should have safer and unbreacheable network to keep your site and blog safe from cyber crimes.
  • The server offered should be able to run all the applications and softwares need to keep your site completely functional.
  • Customer support is a major asset as it can turn on a user or irritate him.


By popularity, it is a simple Bluehost WIN over other companies only propelled by the fact that WordPress itself recommends Bluehost services for hosting blogs.

Let us consider some of the features of Bluehost that ensures a Bluehost WIN by a large margin when WordPress hosting is considered:

  • Buying an account with Bluehost entitles you with a free SimpleScript with complete feature up for use. Using it you can install many application need for web development and hosting with just a single click.
  • Free domain is permanent and will be valid forever, unlimited number of domains up for buying, you can also get region specific domains for possibly any place on the globe.
  • You can be assured about the softwares for PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Secure Shell systems. Features like Mambo, Joomla and Apache are supported to the full extent.
  • The company also provides some free applications like the Site Builder and additional support like Free Search Engine Submission.

With features like this, no can doubt the success of Bluehost. Bluehost WIN over the other hosting site is not by a large margin, as the developing environments vary and other developers may prefer hosting via any other service and some users may prefer the features of the other companies over the Bluehost’s.