2014 IXwebhosting VPS review

2014 IXwebhosting VPS review

A Vps or a virtual private server is a machine which is virtual and it is provided by an online hosting service which is based on the internet. The vps usually runs on the same computers as software on same physical computed as of the other customer’s virtual machine, but in essence it works like a separate computer physically. A vps is mostly depending on the individual user’s needs and wants, and it has the privacy that a physical computed which has spate, and it can also be configured to run the server based software’s. The basic concept behind this is the idea of virtualization. This Virtualization based on their concept is due to the idea of developing a virtual server and is based on the development of the same ideas such as multiprogramming and time sharing. This is basically based on the user’s demand of having bursts of activities, this is when a specific time of bursts of activity is followed by periods of downtime or inactivity and the server is wasted during this time. So the virtual computer server uses this concept to give the clients the space based on their needs and use that inactivity period to allocate that space to other customers.

Many companies now offer this service of hosting a virtual private server even a virtual server which is dedicated to hosting as an extension based on web hosting based services. There many different kinds of challenges involved in hosting these services and also to license propriety software to multiple avenues using the hosting services. Another kind of service is the unmanaged hosting service where the customer is left on his own to administer and manage his server. Another kind of service is the unmetered service where there sin op limit put on the amount of the data which is transferred.

IX Web Hosting services were started in the year 1999 and the company has since then grown into a huge company which has over 110,000 clients and with over 470000 sites with the sites. The company has decided that they want to provide their customers with excellent and exceptional support so that the customers are perfectly satisfied with this service. And the company developed a policy and it was spread along the company to give their customers a personalized and unique customer support experience. The company also has cutting edge technology I use for its customers benefit to provide them with the excellent support and maintain their websites online and that they suffer no lag or downtime in their services. The company also has an interactive community based system and by joining the company you make sure that you’re joining a community of over 110,000 clients and a totally interactive support system. The company also uses the social media to post blogs on their websites and the blogs mostly are technical blogs and online based success tools that even have step by step video based tutorials which give you all the necessary tools for your website to succeed.

The company provides you with an amazing all round service which includes building you a magnificent website which is totally secure and protects your confidential data and makes sure that your data is not leaked anywhere on the internet and is protected. The company is very well respected all over the internet and has an amazing profile of work. The company makes sure that the bandwidth that has been allocated to you is closely monitored and keeps an accurate check over them. The company also has an amazing response time for customer queries and makes sure that they are responded to inappropriate time and that the customer has no issues with the website after that.

The company is also rated very highly due to the low investment needed and the high return on investment that you get in terms of quality service and amazing customer support.