2014 IXWebHosting Shared Hosting Review

2014 IXWebHosting Shared Hosting Review

IXWebHosting Service – Variety Of Options To Suit Different Needs

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Since its inception in 1999, IXWebHosting service has built a very good name for itself in the market on account of its ability to cater to vastly different market segments. This is no doubt a very affordable service but it also offers quite a few features that users find extremely useful. Unlike many other hosting service providers, this one has packages catering to different markets, i.e., business, professional and personal, thereby ensuring that people pay for only what they want. This company has grown in size thanks to the large numbers of customers it has, and it currently has around a thousand servers to take care of their needs.

Since IXWebHosting service uses both Linux and Windows platforms, it can offer customers a variety of hosting options to suit their needs.

Useful Features

For starters, this service offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space to its subscribers. Customers get free domain name registration along with each plan that they purchase. They can also make use of FTP, Ruby, Perl etc. with the greatest of ease since the control panel is extremely user friendly. The control panel is based on H-Sphere which is extremely popular because of its versatility and usability.

Customers can also make use of this service’s free site builder to create their site with the least amount of fuss, using any option that they feel is most convenient (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.). Another advantage is the availability of unlimited subdomains. This service also offers free shopping cart.

People who are not familiar with building website can take advantage of the free tutorials that are available to them. In addition, people who opt for the business plan are entitled to free SEO services for their websites. Since these websites are used for online businesses more often than not, each package comes with free marketing credits amounting to $150.

Even though there are many advantages of using this service, it has quite a few disadvantages as well. For starters, only the WordPress powered website has 99.9% uptime. This service provider is not that reliable when it comes to other types of websites such as Joomla or Drupal. Even so, the company makes use of high tech servers from Cisco to ensure that the websites hosted by it are up and running without too much of a problem for customers. The company is also investing money in infrastructure in order to accommodate increasing demand for its services.

The other problem that users sometimes complain about is that some scripts do not work properly. The lack of reliable backups is another important problem faced by users of IXWebHosting Service.

Excellent Support

Like many other web hosting services, IXWebHosting service too offers customer support via telephone, email, chat and an online helpdesk ticket system. While all these options work very well, it is the chat that stands out for its usability and usefulness. The company offers 24×7 support from trained professionals and this enables customers to get most of their problems resolved with a great deal of ease.

In conclusion, IXWebHosting service is a very reliable one that is popular because it provides users with a lot of support, enabling them to run their websites with a great deal of ease. This company offers many affordable packages and the cheapest ones are sufficient to run a good website. People who know nothing about building and managing websites are able to get by thanks to the high quality technical support the this service offers them. This service is most certainly a good one to buy for people who don’t know much about back end operations of a website.

IX Webhosting: 25% off all Hosting Packages of 1 year or More with PROMO CODE: CHiLL