2014 JaguarPC shared hosting reviews

2014 JaguarPC shared hosting reviews

JaguarPC – Shared Web Hosting with 100% Uptime

Quality Web Hosting from $4.95/month 100%Uptime
JaguarPC is one of the most reliable shared web hosting services available these days. It has invested a lot of money in infrastructure so that it can make good its guarantee of 100% uptime. Business owners who cannot risk having their websites offline even for a short while do not mind paying this service’s slightly higher fees. In addition, this service offers a great many more facilities that ensure its popularity.

Highly Reliable Service

JaguarPC maintains thousands of high tech servers from HP and Cisco in various locations in the United States. It also has servers in other countries. Not only are these the latest servers but they are also protected from physical and electronic harm. The company also goes so far as to maintain huge quantities of fuel to make sure that its server facilities never run out of power. As a result, websites that are hosted by JaguarPC are always up and running. It is safe to say that no other company puts in as much effort to ensure reliability.

Variety of Features

JaguarPC offers users a wealth of features starting with unlimited data transfer and disc space. It also offers more than a hundred free scripts to be used in websites. Users also like the fact that they get to use a free SSL server. Daily backups done for free are another obvious advantage. Subscribers to this service also have access to a very good site builder; this makes it very easy for them to get started with their websites.

It is very easy to get started with JaguarPC thanks to its user friendly control panel that is powered by cPanel. Users can get to work on their websites with a very few clicks. Even people who are not familiar with how to build and run a website can get started on the job very easily. However, the layout of the control panel is not very convenient and it takes some getting used to.

Users of JaguarPC have complained that they cannot always get some third party apps to work due to certain errors. However, they have access to excellent customer support and this enables them to sort out the problems very easily. Technical support is offered via live chat, email, telephone and even online tickets and problem resolution is generally done very quickly. However, problems that are more complicated are rarely sorted out quickly, even though solutions are always offered after some time. Further, even though the control panel is easy to understand and use, many of the third party applications on offer are not that easy to use. Thankfully, this can easily be sorted out by going through tutorials on the subject.

Costly But Worth It

JaguarPC is without doubt more costly than many other shared website hosting services. Plans start at $4.95 per month which are slightly higher than the plans offered by other companies. In addition, JaguarPC does not offer advertising credits from Google. However, the company does not charge a higher monthly rate for renewal and this ensures that customers can stick within their budget. In any case, the company offers a guarantee to give money back to dissatisfied within 30 days of opening a new account. The unconditional refund however does not include service charges as well as fees paid to register domain names.

As mentioned earlier, users of JaguarPC are the ones who want 100% uptime before any other feature. Since this service goes to great lengths to ensure it, whilst offering a range of very good services, it is in great demand with customers who are clearly willing to spend more money for it.
Quality Web Hosting from $4.95/month 100%Uptime