2014 Web Hosting Definitions, bandwidth, disk space, uptime, downtime, ftp.

2014 Web Hosting Definitions, bandwidth, disk space, uptime, downtime, ftp.

Web hosting is one of the most popular means of earning these days. With the advent of the internet and its spread to every corner of this world a good number of opportunities emerged for people. Online means have developed as a very potent and reliable earning source. There is immense potential for those who are interested in online money making options. If you are interested in launching your own website and want to enter the world full of opportunities then this is a smart choice. But keep in mind that this is not a simple thing there are many aspects related to this task that need proper interpretation as well as implementation.  Before starting it is important that you get the knowledge of basic concepts that are related to hosting of a website. The first and foremost step is to find a proper and suitable web hosting service for your brand new website. The fact is that when you will step into this field then there are many definitions and concepts that will appear in front of you and it is very important that you develop basic concepts related to them. There are many such definitions and at the same time it is really hard to memorize all of them. In this section we will mention some important definitions with which website hosts should be familiar.



This is one of the primary definitions and basically the word bandwidth is used to describe the amount of traffic that takes place between a particular website and other internet destinations. It is the capacity that is provided to a website by a hosting company and is determined after considering different factors. Simply you can say that bandwidth is utilized every time when a particular internet user visits your site and reads or views the available information. Keep in mind that bandwidth is very important and you need to locate a hosting service for your website that can provide a good bandwidth to your site. It is normally measured in gigabytes and is regarded as the total traffic that comes to your site every month.

Disc space

This is another feature that is provided by the webhosting organizations to websites. Actually disc space is the quantity of storage that is provided to a particular website that enables it to store data. For a website owner it is very important to constantly monitor the available disc space. You need to check that if you have used to maximum capacity or have utilized less space. If you feel that you have allocated for more space than your requirement then in this case you can contact your hosting service and ask them to decrease your provision.


This is another important definition with which you are needed to be familiar. It is simply defined as the period of time during which the server that provides hosting facilities to your website is available. You can also say that it is the interval of time in which your hosting service is active and in turn keeps your website active and accessible for the internet visitors. Your first priority should always be to find a hosting organization that has a good uptime. Because it is directly related to the time period during which your site is available on the internet.

Down time

This term is normally used to point towards the period during which a system is not available. In more clear words you can say that this is the period during which the server of your webhosting service fails to perform the main function that is allocated to it. During this period your site is unavailable to the internet users.


FTP or File Transfer Protocol is actually utilized for carrying out the transfer of data between different hosts using the internet. Once again this feature is dependent upon the efficiency of the web hosting company that is engaged with your website.