Hosting Control panel comparison

Hosting Control panel comparison

Web hosting services are basically sources using which different website owners make their sites accessible to the common people. The most important feature that is provided by a quality web hosting service is the web hosting control panel. It actually portrays the web based interface that is being delivered by a web hosting organization in relation to the management of different hosting related tasks like emails, websites, database and other related aspects.  If one wants to describe a control panel in relation to web hosting then the appropriate definition should be that

“A web hosting control panel is actually a web based interface that is supplied by the hosting organizations and its function is all related to providing the customers facilities to do the management of their different hosted services at a single area.”

Below mentioned are few common components present in control panels

  • Access to server logs,
  • Web based file manager,,
  • Details of used and available disk space and bandwidth,
  • Email accounts configuration
  • Maintenance of FTP users’ accounts,

The control panel is a factor that can either take your web hosting experience to great heights or it can take you to dark depths. The point is that these days different web hosting services come with unique control panels. Basically it is software that aids you in controlling web hosting related aspects. It is a source that makes it possible for you to reach all your desired features for example sub-domains.  So for creating a high quality website the importance and part played by control panel can never be denied. Let’s have a comparison of different control panels that are mostly preferred these days

The cPanel

This is actually a control panel that is related with web hosting and is based upon Unix. It is basically created with the concept that is related with bringing simplification of the tasks that are related with website hosting.  It possesses many useful and latest features like GUI interface, API- based  access options which makes it much easier for developers, web hosting companies etc. to do the automation of the procedures that are related to the system administrations.  It has the potential of working as dedicated servers and also as virtual private servers. The cPanel facilitates the installing on RHEL and CentOS. But there is one thing that you must keep in mind before going to this control panel that after installation it is very difficult and almost impossible to get rid of cPanel. You will be required to do the formatting of the server and also you will have to do the reinstallation of the operating system.



This is another very popular and commonly used control panel that is all dedicated to style the administration of a website easily and comfortably. It is actually one of the control panels which are graphical web based.  This web hosting control panel is diverse in a sense that it shows compatibility with many operating systems like


If you are a beginner then there are chances present that this control panel can look a bit difficult to you. But don’t worry the makers have given consideration to this issue and have incorporated some additional features for newcomers or those who don’t have sufficient technical knowledge. There are tutorials, video guides and other related facilities. It utilizes Quad Opteron servers and comes with mirrored storage facilities and possesses OC 48. All this has made this control panel very popular among users.

Host Gator

The best thing about this control panel is that it is very easy to use and most users are very happy with its quality. It is presently considered as one of the most appreciated control panels in the market. Features like linking to the parts of customer support systems have taken this control panel to great heights.