What is difference between windows hosting and Linux hosting?

What is difference between windows hosting and Linux hosting?

If you want to choose a web hosting for your blog or site, you will face with the option of choosing between Linux and windows.  In the past, some people have preferred Linux, while others prefer using the windows- the difference between the two are quite glaring.

Some people have been confronted with knowing the difference between the two, some are aware of it, while others are not. The only way to know the main difference is doing research in the internet. However, at the end of this page, you will surely discover the main differences as well as the similarities.

There were some big differences between the two previously. But as time continues to advance, Linux becomes more user friendly, because lots of firms began to provide graphical control panels- it became more common among organizations or online businesses.

Thus, so many windows desktop users select the windows hosting- the reason is simple, they are more familiar with it than others. Many users in the past keep commending each of the operating systems for being so wonderful. Some people have had the privilege of using the two at one time or the other, so this is why they are in a better position to say which one is more preferred.

One of the first things you need to consider is the way you access your accounts, this can be offered by a control panel or even an FTP session. Make sure that your client is familiar with the command you are using. If they are unfamiliar with it, you will not be able to satisfy them. The




easiest and fastest way of giving your clients 100% satisfaction is by giving them a familiar command.

Both of them are perfectly supported for MySQL, PHP as well as other open source. However, Linux does not in any way support front page, ASP, windows streaming media and the .NET environment. You will need a windows host, if your site is dependent on Microsoft’s proprietary technology. If not, you can use any of the operating systems.

Linux is downloadable, and it is also easy and convenient to use. Some users love this great characteristics of Linux hosting, thus this is why many of them prefer it more than others. The hosting firm is expected to pay for the operating system. But, we are not saying that Linux is more expensive than windows web hosting. Both of them have comparable pricing features.

Linux has a longer uptime more than windows. Also, windows operating systems stand the risk of being attacked easily. This does not mean that Linux hosts can’t be attacked; the issue is that the former is at more risk than the other. Thus, great window hosting corporations are aware of the security risks involved; this is why they take necessary steps in avoiding them.

Both of these operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, there is so much difference on the two; depending on the angle you are seeing it. So, you have the right to choose the one that suits you- try to choose the operating system that you are more comfortable with or even the cheapest option.

Both of them runs on the servers, and flash can as well be served from both. We are guaranteeing you that you will never be disappointed if you keep using the one that you feel will serve you better.

In the final analysis, one can discover that the main difference between the two is the operating system that runs on the web server- a website can run successfully both on a windows server as well as on a Linux server, so you have nothing to worry about. Knowing the qualities or attributes of each of them will assist you in choosing the right one for you any day any time!